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Best Big Data Solution

Recognizes the best solution that enables the capture, analysis, and mining of large data sets. Includes distributed indexing and search tools, scaled-out storage architectures, distributed analytics solutions, streamed based processing technologies, etc.

Metamarkets - Metamarkets

Metamarkets, the bridge from Business Intelligence to Data Science, is a complete Big Data software-as-a-service solution for next-generation business analytics. The company's innovative technology puts immediate power in the hands of business users through:

- Automated discovery of insights
- Easy web and mobile access for on-going decision making
- Industry's fastest data processing, data monitoring, and data interactivity

Created by big data and visualization experts, the solution is built on a big data stack and is designed to analyze and visualizing high volume, high frequency event streams. The components include:

- Data Pipes - a customized Hadoop pipeline for parallel data processing
- Druid - a distributed, in-memory data engine
- DVL - a framework for interactive data visualization and
- A plug-and-play insights modeling framework
- A cloud-based architecture

With metrics including over 100 billion events ingested and processed per month, over 10 TB of compressed, memory-mapped derived data, and 500ms average query response time, Metamarkets is unparalleled in speed and technical innovation.

Customers tout the solution's ability to quickly increase their revenues via anytime anywhere access to actionable business insights at a mere fraction of the time and cost of traditional Business Intelligence solutions.

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    Pentaho Business Analytics - Pentaho

    As the first major BI vendor to introduce its big data capabilities in May 2010, Pentaho has led the charge in big data analytics. This first-mover advantage enabled Pentaho to engage with big data customers early and to continually rollout technology updates that keep its users ahead of the big data curve.

    Pentaho offers the unique ability to drastically reduce the time to design, develop and deploy analytics solutions. Pentaho's full big data analytics solution supports the entire big data analytics process, from data integration through interactive data visualization, exploration and predictive analytics. Pentaho natively supports Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, MongoDB as well as high performance analytic databases like Greenplum and Vertica, among other big data sources and traditional data sources. Pentaho serves numerous big data customers.

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    Tableau Software 7.0 - Tableau Software

    Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Tableau’s award-winning software delivers fast analytics, visualization and rapid-fire business intelligence on data of any size, format, or subject. Anyone can get answers from data quickly, with no programming required. From executive dashboards to ad-hoc reports, Tableau lets you share mobile and browser-based, interactive analytics in a few clicks. More than 10,000 organizations, including some of the world’s largest enterprises, rely on Tableau Software.

    Tableau Desktop makes it easy to answer questions about your data visually, in minutes. Connect to any data and drag & drop to analyze. Create interactive visualizations and dashboards—all without any programming. Then share with a few clicks. Tableau connects live to most databases and spreadsheets and also offers a fast, in-memory data engine to speed up analysis. Anyone who is comfortable with Excel can learn Tableau quickly.

    Tableau Server is business intelligence that provides browser-based and mobile analytics. It’s a rapid-fire alternative to the slow pace and rigidity of legacy solutions. Users publish dashboards to Tableau’s secure web server and then anyone can filter, highlight and drill down right in a browser or on a tablet. There’s no programming required. Tableau integrates with your data architecture, respects your security

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    Terapeak 9.0 - Terapeak

    Terapeak is the leading ecommerce analytics platform that provides market intelligence to online retailers.

    We provide merchants with research tools to identify and verify what products to sell, what price to sell at, when to sell, and who their competition is.

    The Terapeak platform analyzes over 2.4 billion transactions per year and over $68 Billion in online consumer spending worldwide.

    Our industry analysis enables merchants to understand and predict the future of their business based on unprecedented access to information.

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    Varonis Data Governance Suite - Varonis Systems

    To date, many big data analytics are associated with “machine generated” data like trade information, location data, etc. However, 80% of organizational data is unstructured (source: IDC). This human-generated content lives on file servers, intranets, NAS devices and email systems in the form of spreadsheets, presentations, audio files, video files, blueprints and designs. The Varonis Data Governance Suite leverages big data analytics to help organizations better manage, and protect unstructured data by:

    • Aligning data sets with business areas and data owners
    • Connecting disparate teams and data sets
    • Discovering access patterns and collaborative flows
    • Identifying areas of high risk and users with too much access
    • Baselining access patterns, flagging potential abuse
    • Enhancing data access control, ownership, classification, entitlements and authorization processes
    • Identifying stale, unneeded, or non-business data for archiving or deletion

    The Varonis Data Governance Suite includes the patented Varonis Metadata Framework and integrated products for automated unstructured data protection and management: Varonis™ DatAdvantage for Windows, Exchange, Directory Services, SharePoint, UNIX/Linux; Varonis Data Transport Engine™; Varonis DataPrivilege; and the Varonis IDU Classification Framework. Varonis monitors users’ data access and over a short period of time gathers enough metadata to accurately determine and recommend who should and should not have access to data.

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