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Best ELL/World Language Acquisition Instructional Solution

Recognizes the best instructional solution for English as a Second Language (ESL), English Language Learners (ELL), and World Languages for students in the PK-12 or postsecondary market. Includes language learning curricula and content that can be managed classroom/course-based instruction or online supplemental instruction.

ReadingA-Z.com - Learning A-Z

English Language Learners face a dual challenge: acquire English and academic content knowledge. Reading A-Z offers a number of resources that support reading, listening, speaking, and writing, and ensure ELLs get explicit instruction and practice with level-appropriate skills and strategies. Reading A-Z's ELL resources address these challenges. Resources include:

1. Leveled Books provide the opportunity for all students to read at their developmentally appropriate guided reading level and to read the same content as their native English-speaking peers. The website's collection of Content Area Reading leveled books match students with science, social studies, math, art & music, or social stories.

2.Close Reading Packs that contain short passages, lesson plans, and student collaboration resources; along with Common Core Lesson Supplements that accompany our most popular leveled books help ELL students reach Common Core State Standards.

3. Vocabulary Books focus on the development of everyday vocabulary around a topic, provide picture support, and easy-to-read sentence structures.

4. Literature Circles provide a structured framework for discussing and collaborating on a single text in small groups and help ELLs to practice important communication skills.

5. Shared Reading Books help build ELLs' reading confidence with modeled and choral reading, along with group discussion to promote listening and speaking.

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    Learnosity World Languages - Learnosity

    The Learnosity ELL/World Languages solution powers many of the the most interactive and engaging language instructional products on the market. We offer a wide range of technology-enhanced question types which are specifically tailored for language students.

    Of particular note is the audio question type which allows students to record a spoken response and submit this for review to their teacher. Audio questions are particularly useful for teachers as they benefit from hearing the oral work of all students and essentially get the opportunity to have one-on-one time with each student - something which is not generally possible in a typical K-12 classroom environment.

    Teachers can then provide feedback to the students, both written and spoken.

    Other question types assess the student's language acquisition skills. These questions are typically auto-scored and will offer feedback and reinforcement to the learner as they progress through the activity. This feedback can take the form of instant validation of the student response, prompts, hints, sample answers etc.

    Assessments can easily be customized to cater for students with diverse learning styles and abilities e.g. the Accessibility panel offers students the ability to customize font and background color as well as font size etc.

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    Super ELL - Mawi Learning

    Super ELL is the first online course that meets the unique social and emotional needs of English Language Learners. Students learn how to take pride in their culture, develop confidence, and progress toward academic achievement with resilience.

    Since its launch in January of 2014, enrollment has surged to over five thousand students at more than fifty schools. Students are trained in interactive lessons, engaging examples and relatable videos. Video translations of every lesson are offered to help Level 1 and 2 English students access course materials.

    In exit surveys with over 2,000 students, 98% of students recommend Super ELL to other ELL students and 94% of students say the course helped them in other classes.

    Super ELL was developed by Mawi Asgedom, an Ethiopian refugee who became a Harvard University graduate and an author of eight books. As a former ELL student, Mawi takes it personally that ELL students have tremendous leadership potential.

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    Practice Spanish: Study Abroad - McGraw-Hill Education

    Practice Spanish: Study Abroad is your ticket to virtually study abroad! Practice your developing language skills while exploring day-to-day life in a fictional Colombian town, completing a series of objectives within each of the thirteen Quests, and solving intriguing mysteries along the way.

    Prior to entering each Quest, you can prepare yourself via related Mini-games, which are simple grammar and vocabulary games playable on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Next, the Quests will take you through a variety of realistic experiences in your host city. When you arrive with your personalized avatar, you will learn how to navigate around the plaza, find something to eat, buy a gift for a friend, and eventually meet up with the study abroad coordinator, all typical experiences for a student abroad. But there is often a thrilling twist to each story: how can you help the language institute get rid of a terrifying ghost? How will you and your friends break the spell cast over a birthday party? How will you save a dying tree from a vengeful spirit of nature? The goal is to complete the objective of each Quest while exhibiting a high level of language mastery, and to have fun learning abroad!

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