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ABM's 2014 Annual Conference is themed "Go-to-Market-Solutions."

Business-to-business media and information companies are serving their customers in more ways than ever before--but actually bringing those products and services to market can be a challenge. ABM's 2014 Annual Conference offers a look behind the scenes into how b-to-b leaders conceive of new ideas for products and services, manage internal and external challenges in developing those services (including how to fund development) and the process of bringing those services to market.     


Old-school media master ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic has moved more nimbly into the age of the Internet than many marketers who were in diapers when Weird Al was parodying Michael Jackson and Madonna. Publications as diverse as Ad Age and The Atlantic have been writing about his Web-savvy “eight videos in eight days” campaign, out this week promoting his latest album, […]

Taking a deep look at the kinds of events that media companies operate, ABM’s Event Council has completed preliminary research that revels some striking results: The types of events that companies produce vary widely depending on the size of the media company. In the United States b-to-b events drive a big plurality of total industry […]

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